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October 15, 2011:  Cleaning Genies, Maine's Premiere Residential & Commercial Cleaning Company, has expanded the size of its
workforce for the second time in 2011.  As of October, Cleaning Genies employs 13 people with an intent to hire several more in the
coming months.  These positions are mostly full-time and offer starting wages that average more than 20% above current federal
minimum wage standards.  "Although a couple of our recent hires did come from competitors, many of our new hires were folks that
were previously unemployed and are very grateful for the opportunity.  It is very rewarding to think that we are doing our small part in
improving the local economy," says Dale Doughty, Cleaning Genies Vice-President and Co-Founder.  "Thanks to our recent growth
and visions for the future these entry-level positions have an extraordinary opportunity to grow within our company and have a really
rewarding career.  Just this month one of our new hires really stood out after being employed with us for only a week.  We had an
opportunity arise and this young man had experience from a competitor and was receiving compliments from clients and co-workers
alike so we promoted him to Team Leader, gave him a raise and an large office building and local school that he will be responsible for
maintaining with the help of his crew."

Cleaning Genies was founded in April of 2008 after Eileen, Dale's wife, lost her position with a local wholesaler who relied heavily on the
construction industry.  Having a background of Inside Sales and being responsible for the customer service of her previous employer's
major key accounts certainly proved to be an asset to Eileen's early success but the key to her business model was attributed to
something else.  "When my husband and I both worked long days for our respective employers we always had a cleaning company
maintaining our home.  Yet we would come home on the day that they cleaned and were never satisfied.  I would find myself fixing
things that they had overlooked and wondering why we were paying for the service.  Being a very private man, my husband Dale never
even liked the idea of anyone being in our home unattended and convincing him that paying for a housekeeper was justifiable when the
service was so poor was difficult," Eileen explained.

Cleaning Genies is structured to address many of the concerns that most homeowners and businesses have when hiring a cleaning
company.  One, their supplies and their equipment are not only designed to make things look clean but they go a step further to
actually improve the environment in your home or office.  By using triple-filtered HEPA commercial vacuums, Microfiber mops and
special surgical rags to clean they are actually reducing pollutants in the air.  In fact, their vacuum manufacturers claim that the HEPA
vacuums filter 99.9% of all pollutants 1 micron or larger.  Secondly, their core cleaning products are not only environmentally friendly
and biodegradable but many of them are manufactured and distributed in Gorham, Maine which helps to further bolster the local
economy.  Third, their team structure insures that every home or office has a Team Leader that is responsible for making sure that all
tasks are completed to expectations.  On larger properties each crew member is assigned a checklist that must be initialed as they
complete each task.  Although the Team Leader is ultimately responsible for each property that they maintain, the checklists help
maintain accountability throughout the ranks and provides an excellent ongoing training tool.  Finally, each one of Cleaning Genies
customers is assigned a team that will clean that particular location on every visit.  This assures that homeowners and businesses can
expect to see the same faces on every visit and can get to know the people that are in their home or offices and insures that each
client's unique concerns are consistently addressed.  Cleaning Genies also has contingency plans to handle call-outs and other
emergencies so that service is never interrupted due to an illness, vacation or some other event.

In 2011, Cleaning Genies success led Dale to take on a full-time position with the company and expand his Sales & Marketing efforts
for Cleaning Genies.  With Dale's experience as General Manager for some of the largest auto dealerships in New England as well as
his banking, investment and insurance background his experience as proved to be invaluable as Cleaning Genies continues to grow.  
Aside from being able to negotiate advertising agreements with local TV and Radio entities he has also helped double Cleaning Genies
revenue in 2011 due to the growth in the commercial side of the business.

"We are committed to continuing our impressive growth by exceeding our customers expectations every opportunity we get.  We expect
to employ 20-30 people by the end of 2012, assuming the current economic environment.  If the economy begins to improve at a more
rapid pace we will likely respond by increasing our growth expectations further," says Dale.  "It's ironic that Cleaning Genies was
founded due to a deep recession that caused one person's job loss and several years later, as the economy continues to struggle, we
are creating good paying jobs in the area."

In addition to their work with Cleaning Genies, Dale & Eileen have founded a networking group for business owners & professionals
called "
Support Maine Business" that has a page on Facebook and are actively involved in Keep Maine Strong and the Sebago Lake
Region Chamber of Commerce
.  You can visit Cleaning Genies online at
June 4. 2014:  Cleaning Genies , LLC celebrates its new location at 581 Bridgton Road (Route 302) in Westbrook with a ribbon cutting
ceremony led by Aimee Senatore and Edward Powell of the
Sebago Lake Chamber of Commerce.  The new location provides an ideal home
base on busy Route 302 half way between the Sebago Lakes Region and downtown Portland, ME.